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SEPTEMBRE 2014 - v2i9

WELCOME to Tante Lori's Monthly Newsletter designed to talk about those questions that pop in our heads from time to time. This newsletter will aim to be brief, fun, informative, and interesting. I hope you find it useful and I welcome your comments and suggestions. Thank you / Merci Beaucoup ... Lori

While you are away from home who will rub your puppy's ears,
play hide and seek with your kitty,
and tickle your hamster’s tummy?
Who will sprinkle food for your fish or feed crickets to your gecko? 
I, Lori Roche can do all that for you and more.


What is in this issue?

These two kids are very soft and sweet.
But, that is where the similarities end.

Mr. Pickles is a character... he doesn't know that he has limits and boundaries. He jumps and climbs everywhere. I have found him on the kitchen table (photo), bathroom counter, bathtub, and headboard on our bed. He finds toys in the house we thought were lost forever, takes all they toys he can from the other dogs, then puts them in a safe place to guard them (photo)! He bosses around the big dogs and makes a doggone good referee!

Tinkerbell on the other hand is quiet and loves to lounge around and watch the world go by. She loves nice warm laps or large windows with a cushion to lay on. A good spot on the porch in the fresh air with a wide view suits her just fine as well. She also loves a good nap (photo) and a nice cold drink of water from time to time (photo).

Yep.. they got the good life!




Now that I'll be Taking care of a VARIETY of Pets, I thought I'd start to explore.
First up... HAMSTERS! They have always fascinated me!

Reasons to Get a Hamster - by Mary Helen Berg, Demand Media
Excerpt:  “Compact and quiet, furry and fun, hamsters are an
engaging and easy-to-care-for pet.
If you are looking for a fuzzy friend who is good company, doesn't need much space and won't bark at the mailman, a hamster may be a match for you”

And Things you you never thought to ask about a HAMSTER................

The most common Pet Hamster today, the Syrian hamster (later called the Golden Hamster), was first documented in 1797 in a region in Syria.  In 1930, a scientist collected a wild female golden hamster along with her off-spring and took them to his laboratory in Jerusalem.  In the 1930’s several hamsters were sent to laboratories in the UK and USA  Finally around 1945 hamsters were introduced as pets.

Physical Traits

  • Sharp pair of upper & lower front teeth growing continuously throughout life so they must be regularly worn down. (Be sure to have something in their cage for them to chew on)
  • Hamsters are very flexible, but their bones are somewhat fragile.
  • Extremely susceptible to rapid temperature changes and drafts, as well as extreme heat or cold.
  • Poor eyesight; they are nearsighted and colorblind
  • They use their sense of smell to distinguish between the sexes, and to locate food.
  • Sensitive to high-pitched noises and can hear and communicate in the ultrasonic range.
  • Food hoarders carrying food in their spacious cheek pouches to their hidden storage chambers.  Their heads double, or even triple in size.
  • Protrusion of Eyeball (Eye Bulging) in Hamsters: To PREVENT, promptly separate fighting hamsters and learn the proper way of handling these small animals to reduce the risk.

Social Behavior
It’s important to find out just what kind of hamster you have to make sure you give it the correct environment to reduce stress. 

  • Most hamsters are strictly solitary. If housed together, acute and chronic stress may occur, and they may fight fiercely, sometimes fatally.
  • Dwarf hamster species may tolerate the same species.
  • Russian hamsters form close, monogamous bonds with their mates, and if separated, they may become very depressed. This happens especially in males. Males will become inactive, eat more, and even  become depressed.

Reproduction:   Hamsters become fertile at different ages depending on their species.

  • Both Syrian and Russian hamsters can begin reproducing at a young age (4–5 weeks old)
  • Chinese hamsters at 2 to 3  months of age
  • Roborovskis at 3 to 4 months of age

Lifespans in Captivity - Average

  • Syrian hamsters - 2 to 3 years
  • Russian hamsters / Dwarf hamsters - 2 to 4 years
  • Chinese hamsters - 2 1⁄2 to 3 years.
  • The smaller Roborovski - 3 years

All hamsters are excellent diggers, constructing burrows with one or more entrances, with galleries connected to chambers for nesting, food storage, and other activities. A burrow includes a steep entrance, a nesting and a hoarding chamber and a blind-ending branch for urination.

We just can't resist traits like warmth, cuteness, fluffiness, cuddliness
and they make us laugh!


Another Fun site with Tons of info on Hamsters ....…


Received a Note from Club Canin Aylmer yesterday
(August 28 2014) about the new fenced in Park:

Fermeture de l’aire d’exercice canin du parc Paul-Pelletier
Selon l’information officieuse que nous avions reçue en juillet dernier, la construction de l’aire d’exercice canin située derrière la piscine municipale devait être terminée vers la fin août de cette année. Puisque l’entrepreneur responsable de son aménagement n’a pas tout à fait terminé les travaux nécessaires, et que par le fait même il en assume toujours la responsabilité, il devait en interdire l’accès au public. En plus, le parc ne sera accessible qu’après la signature de l’entente de partenariat entre le Club canin Aylmer et la Ville de Gatineau. Cette étape d’entérinement devrait être franchie lors d’un prochain conseil municipal prévu pour la fin septembre ou la fin octobre 2014.

Closing of the Enclosed Dog Exercise Area in Paul-Pelletier Park
According to the information we were given in July, the exercise area's construction should have been completed by the end of August. Until the project is actually completed, the contractor in charge of the park's landscaping and general installations is held responsible for the property and must control its access. Also, the exercise area will only be opened to the public once the joint management agreement between the Aylmer Canine Club and the City of Gatineau is voted by the Town Council. Hopefully, these administrative hurdles should be overcome by the end of September or October 2014.

Earlier this month Marc and I ventured over there to take a peek (August 5th). It looks very nice, I'm excited about it!!! Here's a few pics we took in case you are as curious as we were. It is located back behind the Swimming facility.

We haven't been back since the Club has asked people to stay off the premises till it's done. But we'll go back and take another peek from outside the fence soon. Can't wait till it's done.. Yea! Be sure to stop by Club Canin Aylmer's website and become a member to support them and all their terrific efforts for our beloved pooches! Club Canin Aylmer






We ALL should be at least familiar with this life saving procedure - just in case. A dear friend of mine and Grandma to my dog Maggie Mae sent me this link... I want to share it with you and hope you pass it on as well. It could save a life one day............ CLICK ON VIDEO TO WATCH


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