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A Box, Dollar Store Toy, and ONE CRAZY KITTEN !!! (VIDEO) JUNE 2017
(( 3 minutes long so give it a few minutes to load before pressing PLAY ))

BLUE-NUIT Water Dances (VIDEO) 2017

Maki is Hungry... (VIDEO) 2017


My clients, Daisy, Lily, and Lulu have fun with
a box and feathers. Made me laugh so much! - 3 mins

Rudy plays with thingamajig - 1 minute

The chase is on! Laser light Play -3 mins

Tmins and his feathered friend - 3 minutes

Walking Lottie and her 2 puppies - 4 minutes

Sexy Cat Skittles... (VIDEO) 2015



Now that winter is here Squishy has got
to learn how to wear boots.
She's doing pretty good for her second day...
it pays to get quality boots to fit a quality pooch!
1  1/2 minutes long

Squishy is one of my regular clients
(5 days a week).
She is so much fun to watch!
1  1/2 minutes long


Any rag will do when these 3 want to play.
Buster, Layla, and Riley
2  1/2 minutes long

Puppy "Senna" shows
Old Man "Buster"
a few new moves !
1 minute long


Dog Walker Aylmer forest

Tante Lori Dog Walking: Dogs DO see the Forest for the Trees
I love to bring my clients to Boucher Forest
- Aylmer Quebec! 3 minutes long

This one isn't a Tante Lori video but worth watching.

Definately one of my personal
all time favorites!

This made me a believer
after the first
few seconds!

This one is PERSONAL for my hubby - The BIG ONE that DIDN'T get away !!!!





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