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Volume5 Issue 07

  • Pet of the Month - YUKI ... French Springer Spaniel
  • What is a Springer Spaniel vs. Cocker Spaniel?
  • What to do with an active puppy?

Volume5 Issue 04-05

  • Pet of the Month - BECKY JO ... Purina Animal Hall of Famer
  • Do Female dogs and cats have False Pregnancies?
  • Xray view of you petting your kitty cat... yikes!

Volume5 Issue 06

  • Pet of the Month - DAPHNE

  • Are you prepared for Emergencies when it come to your pet?

Volume5 Issue 02

  • Pet of the Month - NIMI & NOLO

  • What IS a Guinea Pig?
  • Why have a rodent for a pet?

Volume5 Issue 03

  • Pet of the Month - ABBEY
    What is a Cream or Blond Golden Retriever?

  • Puppy Crate Training - the why and how and how to start over!
  • Another mention about No-Pull harnesses

Volume4 Issue 12

  • Pet of the Month - Nathan the Dancing Dog
  • New Year Resolutions from your DOG
  • New Year Resolutions from your CAT
  • A local dog that needs our Help - LEMON
    Volume5 Issue 01

    • Pet of the Month - DAISY, TIGERLILY, LULU

    • Why is it important to play with my cat?
    • Pet 1st Aid e-book for Cats and Dogs in PDF format -56 Pages

    Volume4 Issue 10

    • Pet of the Month - Cocotte Goglu Futé
    • My Favorite CAT shows on Animal Planet channel
    • Pet XRAYS
    • In the news..... November 6 turn your clock back - Funny article that will make you smile

    Volume4 Issue 11

    • Pets of the Month - Gateway & Nelson
    • Should I adopt a PUPPY or an ADULT DOG?
    • How to communicate with your Cat
    • What do you give a pet who has everything?
    • In the news..... A dog that travels the world... ELLIE

    Volume4 Issue 07

    • Pet of the Month - Bert
    • Heat Stroke in Pets -
      locked in cars
    • Do Cats get ticks?
    • From the NEWS: Don't be 'ticked' off by Lyme disease

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    September 2016


    August 2016

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    May 2016

    April 2016

    March 2016

    June 2016
    Volume4 Issue 06

    • Pet of the Month - DEEKS
    • Heartwarming story of 2 ladies who adopted a troubled little dog
    • IN THE NEWS... It's moving day, so more abandoned pets end up at the SPCA

    JANUARY 2016
    Volume4 Issue 01
    • Pet of the Month - Rubis
    • No Pull Harness - the good the bad and the ugly
    • Can you walk your cat on a leash?
    • From the NEWS: 1) Poop painted pink and orange
      - 2) Man put in jail for not licensing a stray cat!
    • !! SPCA !! Many offices closed.. Here are the locations to get your pet license this year.

    FEBRUARY 2016
    Volume4 Issue 02

    • Pet of the Month - CHARLIE
    • Fun movie: The Secret Life of Pets - In Theaters July 8, 2016
    • Why should I keep my dog's nails clipped & how do I do it ?
    • NEWS: Cosmetic surgery on pets will be stopped in Quebec 2017


    November 2015
    Volume3 Issue 11
    • Pets of the Month - MOLLY & JACKSON
    • Where can I go to get gifts FOR or OF my pets this Christmas?
    • CAUTION: ice melting salts and other dangers when walking your dog.
    • PET First-Aid and CPR classes for your pet - See their schedule for Dates and Locations
    • NEWS! Raccoon rabies in Ottawa
    • Mother Nature graced our Doggy Walks in the Autumn with her art - see my short photo album
    December 2015
    Volume3 Issue 12
    • Pet of the Month - MAX
    • Wrapping Presents with your Cat
    • Twas the Night Before Christmas (doggie version)
    August 2015
    Volume3 Issue 08
    • Pet of the Month - RILEY
    • Want a Family Photo with your pet?
      Look no further than
    • New FENCED DOG PARK in Ottawa off of Island Park Dr.- Opened a year ago
    • Alta Vista Animal Hospital - new website & alternate directions to get there
    • Pet Humour

    September / October 2015
    Volume3 Issue 09-10 - NO POSTING

    Check out the SUMMER ALBUM....

    June 2015
    Volume3 Issue 06
    • Pets of the Month - ARCHER & LANA
    • What IS a "........ doodle" dog anyway?
    • Can a clean house and our 4-legged kids co-exist?
    • Be Prepared for an Emergency - here's how
    • Pet Humour
    July 2015
    Volume3 Issue 07
    • Pet of the Month - QUASI MODO
    • Annual Ugliest Dog Contest in Petaluma California
    • What Breed is your Cat?
    • Pet Humour
    February/March 2015
    Volume3 Issue 02-03
    • Pet of the Month - DEXTER
    • SPCA - Deadline is March 31st - April 1st the fee doubles
    • Dogs and Parks -
      Where can they go and what do those signs mean?
    • Treat Toys for Dogs.... the Good, the Bad and the Ugly?
    April/May 2015
    Volume3 Issue 04-05
    • Pets of the Month - NEMO, DARWIN, & GUCCI
    • What is a HAIRLESS cat
    • Cool toys for cats
    • Kitty Humour
    January 2015
    Volume3 Issue 01
    • Pet of the Month - BELLA
    • Why do dogs react to TV
    • Canine Humor
    • Why do Cats always sit on whatever we are reading?
    December 2014
    Volume2 Issue 12
    • Pet of the Month - GUIMAUVE
    • You can Litter Box train your small pooch!
    • Christmas Humor
    • Dog Parks
    • WARNNG: MarketPlace TV program- Dog Car Seatbelts. Only 1 out of 13 passed crash test with Center for Pet Safety!
    November 2014
    Volume2 Issue 11
    • Pet of the Month - SQUISHY (Maltese Little Girl)
    • Would you like to see my clients in action? Now you can....check out these great videos!!!
    • Tips on how to get your pets ready for Winter
    • Humor - Alaskan Flat Tire
    • Fenced Dog Park in Aylmer OPEN!
    • Memorial for those we have lost
    October 2014
    Volume2 Issue 10
    • Pet of the Month - MIA (Schnauzer Mix)
    • Halloween and Black Cats - What's up with That??
    • Entrepreneurs in our Community
    • Humor - Halloween Style
    September 2014
    Volume2 Issue 9
    • Pet of the Month - Mr. Pickles and Tinkerbell
    • Things you you never thought to ask about a HAMSTER
    • News about the Fenced in Dog Park in Aylmer!!!!
    • Humor - Hamster Races - For REAL!
    • Great YouTube video on CPR for your Dog or Cat!
    July - August 2014
    Volume2 Issue 7-8
    • Pet of the Month - Our beloved Buster - Now in Kitty Heaven
    • What is the Difference between Dog Boarding and Pet Sitting?
    • Pet Humor & Pet Stats

    were published under our Chez Tante Lori

    On AUGUST 2014 the focus shifted to
    Pet Sitting with visits to client's home & Dog Walking

    All NEWSLETTERS from this point on will cover tid-bits on
    ALL pets of different shapes and sizes

    May - June 2014
    Volume2 Issue 5-6
    • Pet of the Month - BUSTER

    • Dogs in PARKED CARS -
      plus FLYERS for you and others to print out
    April 2014
    Volume2 Issue 4

    • A moment at Chez Tante Lori's - The BLISS
    March 2014
    Volume2 Issue 3
    • Pet of the Month- THOR !!!!
    • HEALTH: Clearing away some of the fog around Vaccinations
    • HEALTH: Daniel Sterl - Physical Exercise is important for Mental Health
    • HEALTH: Angela Davis - Pure Essential Oils - A natural option for your pets
    • of course... some Doggie Humour !
    • Photo Album- updated with January & February Activities
    February 2014
    Volume2 Issue 2
    • Pet of the Month- MOCA !!!!
    • Can Dogs TRULY LOVE You and Eachother ????
    • Doggie love humor
    • Valentine's Day - Careful with flowers, candy and chocolate!
    January 2014
    Volume2 Issue 1
    • Pet of the Month- Maggie of Massachusetts USA
    • New Year's Resolution- Diet Time for Jasmine and Me
    • YouTube Must See - Dogs at a Diner - Doggie Humour
    • Daniel Sterl - When nipping turns to biting.
    • NEW PHOTO ALBUM - Just a few photos of December Clients !
    December 2013
    Volume1 Issue 4
    • Pet of the Month- Aqua
    • Legend of Grace- Heartwarming tale of how Dogs became man's best friend
    • Cookie recipes for your pup
    • How to give a treat safely - Two methods that work for us
    • Christmas tree humor
    • Daniel Sterl - A puppy for Christmas? How to housetrain
    • Visit our Home Page for more fun photos, comics and info
    November 2013
    Volume1 Issue 3
    • Pet of the Month- Beau
    • Your Pet Smart ?
    • PetSmart Charities - National Adoption Weekend November 15-17, 2013 !
    • ! Something for your funnybone
    • Daniel Sterl - What does your dog want in life?

    October 2013
    Volume1 Issue 2

    • Pet of the Month- Pepper
    • Caution: . 1) Corn and the Cob 2) Xylitol
    • What's Halloween without ... COSTUMES?
    • Daniel Sterl - Punishment can do more harm than good

    September 2013
    Volume1 Issue 1

    • Emergency Vet Procedures in Aylmer/Hull Area.
    • Emergency Poison Numbers and Websites for your pets
    • Something for your funnybone
    • Dog Behaviorist - Daniel Sterl
    • New Pages on Website





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