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Tante Lori update: September 2020

I'm still in business and ready for you when needed. Washing hands, using sanitizer, wearing masks, and social distancing are now a normal part of life.

Let me take a moment and connect with you about the coronavirus in relation to your pets and my services.  Be assured that I completely understand if you need to cancel reservations and no cancellation fees will apply.

I take many precautions daily with your pets and environment while in your home. 

  • I use hand sanitizer whenever I leave and return to my car no matter where I go,
  • I wash my hands before and after each contact with pets,
  • I use sanitizer or wipes whenever touching doorknobs and key code door locks,
  • I gladly and respectivly wear masks when required,
  • And , I take every precaution to keep myself healthy.  My business is important to clients like you who depend on me and I take my role very seriously.

Thank you and please stay well. Ça va bien aller !

- Pet of the Month, ZIGGY - What is a SCOODLE ? - Basic Puppy tips

SUMMER 2020 Pet of the Month

ZIGGY - Our little "scoodle" turned ONE year old in April this year.

He brings an endless supply of sunshine and laughter to our life everyday!

Last summer Marc and I were ready for a new companion. It had been a year since our Maggie and Jasmine left us for doggy heaven.

In June of 2019 Marc starting his search and found a precious little pup that melted our hearts. We adopted him right away at 2 months old and he immediately started to bond with Marc on our way home ... it was love at first sight between them. I was hesitant to get close to another dog but that funny little pup won me over and I can't imagine our lives without him now.

Our ZIGGY is a "Scoodle" (Scottish Terrier and Poodle). The majority of his body is Scottie with a dash of Poodle here and there.
He's clever and obedient with the alertness and confidence of a scottie mixed with a poodle's intellegence and playfulness. He is just the perfect loyal dog...
(please excuse my partial opinion LOL)

Laughter is a large part of everyday now since he entered our lives.

When bored he will find a toy and play by himself or bring it to us to toss. He only fetches a few times then he goes off and enjoys his toy on a blanket.

Ziggy always knows where his favorite toy "puppy" is and is always sure to take it to bed at night.

Our little pooch is also a talker. You can tell how he's feeling just from his vocabulary. He has different sounding barks for sounding an alert, being scared, ordering us to pay attention to him, and of cours for play.

He has a growly moan that he does when frustrated.

Sometimes when he is told to stop barking, once he has alerted us of "danger" outside, he will stop barking but end with a disgrunted HUFF or snort. He always has to have the last word!

He's clever and always making up new games to play with other dogs and being very socialized, Ziggy knows how to adapt to each dog's personality and make friends.

Training him is a breeze since he learns very very quickly - we're lucky!.




Ziggy knows us so well that it seems he can read our minds sometimes! When our little fella pays attention to you, he looks right into your eyes and listens. It seems like he's always thinking.

He loves to dig and has made his "den" under the ramp in the yard. At times we will see him walk in the room with a dirty old treat that he'd previously buried.

One night while watching TV Ziggy starting tossing tossing the pillows off the couch. Come to find out he had buried a treat in the couch and was ready to eat it. haha

When he wants affection, belly rubs are his favorite and he will roll over and sound a playful whine to get them.


Anyhow, as you have guessed by now... Marc and I are inlove with our little furry boy.



What is a SCOODLE ?


As says: "The Scoodle, is a result of crossing the Poodle and Scottish Terrier, a medium-statured designer dog, popular for its intelligent and loyal temperament."

Here is a brief description to get you started. You can google SCOODLE to find out more.

"... The Scoodle temperament is going to depend on genetics.
Will he be athletic and proud like the Poodle, or independent and spirited like the Scottie?
If your Scoodle takes after his Poodle side, you can expect him to be very brainy with an affinity for showmanship and a love of water.
However, if your Scoodle ends up favoring his Scottie heritage, he could be feisty and self-assured and very playful!"

Body: Usually a scoodle has a long square-shaped body with short to medium legs just as the scottish terrier whereas its movement patterns or gait is similar to the poodle.

Average height: 8-12 inches at the shoulder

Weight: average 20-25 pounds

Shedding: very low to none

Coat type: Usually the wiry coat of a scottie and with a touch of scattered poodle hair in various places. Medium length and wavy to curly.

Brushing: Best if daily. Low matting of fur but not impossible .

Hypoallergenic: Yes. poodles and scotties are both considered hypoallergenic.

Grooming needs: moderate (basic needs bath, fur and teeth brushing, and nail clipping).

Trainability: Excellent with consistent training. Very smart dog and can get confused if training is inconsistent. Best way is with positive reinforcement.

Good with other dogs: yes with socialization

Exercise needs: moderate to active

Tendency to get overweight: average to above average

Life Span: 12 to 15 years

Temperment: Happy, talkative , emotional, alert, loyal, clever

Tolerance to temperatures: very good

Family pet: Not usually a super cuddly lap dog - better with older children. Very loyal, playful, and active.

Barking: Very alert and barking not excessive with training and socialization..

Big Talker: Large doggy vocabulary from moans to grunts to barking and everything inbetween.

More info:


~ ~ ~ ~


Experts have long realized that dogs do NOT want to please US.  They want to do whatever gives them a reward, be it treats, play, pat on the head, toy, and other things that make THEM happy. Thus, in training a dog it's all about the REWARD .

There are some things to remember when training your dog (and training yourself) ...

Puppy’s name should always be a happy thing.  When you want your puppy to come to you make sure you are always happy and excited.  A puppy may not come if he feels you are mad at him and is scared.  He should always want to run to  you.

A trick I learned when teaching “come”.  Always hold his collar/harness once he gets to you.  If the only time you reach for his neck is when he has to leave the park (for example) he will more than likely run away to play longer with his friends.

Make sure you are CONFIDENT and CALM when training.  Dogs are very sensitive to our slightest emotions. If you are nervous or unsure, he will be too.  Leave the room for a moment to breath and reset when you are feeling unsettled.

Watch his body language and sounds closely to identify when he has to go pee, he’s scared, bored, too tired, distracted, playful, hurt, etc.  This will enable you to train him better and know his needs and emotional states.

To avoid confusion BE CONSISTENT... I can’t emphasize this enough.  Don’t waiver from your training.  Everyone in the house must be on the same page with puppy house rules and commands ( including guests). 

In the beginning keep the training sessions short.  Depending on the age and attention span of your dog – 5 to 15 minutes each session at least 3 times a day.

If the dog starts to lose interest, give him a command that he knows and end on a successful note.

Train in BABY STEPS.  When he obeys 90% of the time you can then move forward with progress.

It’s normal to have to start over from square one from time to time or even just go back a step in training if training gets difficult.

Try to not let your dog get away too much with not obeying a command once they know it.  The more you let him get away with ignoring you, the more he will keep ignoring you.  Give him a few seconds to try to understand what you want and to obey.   Lack of obedience may be a signal that you have to go back a step or two in training to reinforce the command.

Do not repeat the command word over and over in succession.  Say it once and wait. Give him time to think of what you want to begin to put together the command and the action.    If the puppy is struggling then you  may have to go back a step or two in training to reinforce the command.

Do not physically put his body into position when training. Calmly use your feet, legs, and hands with a treat  to encourage the dog into position… walk into or block him.  He needs to think it thru and do the action himself.



~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


NOTE: All Photos of Pets are taken by Tante Lori


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