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Pet Sitting with 1-2 home visits per day
While you are away who will...........
  • Play hide and seek with your kitty?
  • Tickle your hamster’s tummy?
  • Who will sprinklefood for your fish?
  • Feed crickets to your gecko?


I, Lori Roche, can do all that for you and more.

As a Professional Pet Sitter, Insured and bonded. I have years of experience and my expertise never stops growing through experience, research, and education.

What is Pet Sitting?

A pet-sitter is a contracted service provider who takes care of pet(s) in the comfort and security of the pet's own home with visits to your home each day.

This way your pets can remain in the familiar secure comfort they are used to in their own home and avoid the additional stress of a strange environment during your absence.

This service isn't only for those on vacation but also for those that are physically unable to care for their pets.

How about when you get a new PUPPY? Puppy Care is a handy service to help you when you can't get home and let him/her out every two to four hours. In each 15 or 30 minute visits there is time for a pee or poo break, a quick cuddle or romp, maybe some basic training and time to clean up any messes on the floor.

The exact number of visits and length of each visit is determined by both the owner and the pet sitter, averaging from 15 minutes to an 60 minutes depending on the services needed. [ RATES ]

There are advantages to using a Pet Sitting Service. Some reasons are:

  • More relaxed pets since they are in their own home - a familiar environment
  • No exposure to other illnesses if pet is fragile
  • No restrictions on vaccinations - Except for rabies which is required by law
  • Less stress on pet since they can stay in their regular daily routines
  • No guilt for owner due to asking neighbors, friends or family to watch their pet;
  • Better for pets with health problems and mobility issues due to arthritis, dysplasia, incontinence, etc.
  • Minor serivce for your home such as bringing mail in, rotating lights or curtains, water indoor plants, etc.
  • Peace of mind from daily reports on the status of your pets and home.



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(Since August 2013)

(Certified December 2017)
FIRST AID & CPR Certified

(Certified November 2015)

Effective Since
September 2013

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