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DECEMBER 2014 - v2i12

WELCOME to Tante Lori's Monthly Newsletter designed to talk about those questions that pop in our heads from time to time. This newsletter will aim to be brief, fun, informative, and interesting. I hope you find it useful and I welcome your comments and suggestions.


  • Pet of the Month - GUIMAUVE
  • You can Litter Box train your small pooch
  • Dog Parks
  • WARNNG: MarketPlace TV program- Dog Car Seatbelts. Only 1 out of 13 passed crash test with Center for Pet Safety!




French for "Marshmallow" - 9 year old Maltese/Bichon

What can I say about Gui Gui? He IS a little marshmallow that loves to be held and carried around. He's sweet and mushy. Gui Gui's mommy spoils him but isn't that why we have them in our lives?
To spoil and love them like no other?
He's not big on face licking but when he looks straight into your eyes, you can feel him kissing your soul.

Because Gui Gui is a pampered pet, he expects to be carried up the stairs. He has no problem going down them but going back up just seems too daunting. Gui Gui will bark and bark but I just ignore him. Eventually he conquers his fears and arrives at the top all on his own!!! You should see the pride in his walk after his victory! LOL


Gui Gui KNOWS he is "All That" and more!

....And so do WE


You CAN Litter-Box Train your little Pooch

Live in a place without a yard?
Are you just too tired to take your pooch out for long walks early in the morning,
when you get home from work AND before bedtime because you don’t have a yard?

Is your dog not capable of holding his bladder all day – Is he a puppy or an older dog?
Want something cheaper and more efficient than pee-pads or newspaper?
Does your little pooch stay inside all day while you are away at work?
Do you have a disability that prevents you from taking your dog out to pee?

Gui Gui uses the Litter box inside AND goes outside when he can.

Litter box training for dogs (small dogs) can prevent accidents in the house since they are free to relieve themselves anytime they need to.  What a relief for you too.  No braving the winter rages outside or spring’s temperamental climate.  No dealing with muddy paws and long walks waiting for him to find JUST the right place to drop his “business card”.    When you and your little one take a walk it will be because you want to not because you’re afraid your Persian carpet may get some new colors of yellow and brown added to it.

litterbox for dogsDogs don’t have the instinct to bury their waste.  However, you can train them to go in the same area each time.  This area could just happen to be where there is a litter-box with kitty litter or a crate/box with grass in it to eliminate on.

How do you convince a cutie like Gui Gui to use a litter box? You'll need to spend several months offering positive reinforcement when he uses it. It is no different than any other type of canine potty training.

NOTE from Gui Gui's Mom - Be sure to clean waste out of litter box as soon as you see it. Dogs may not poop in same spot twice if there is already something there.


Here are a couple of the many Techniques I found....

One Technique:

You can use the same techniques on puppies and adult dogs.

  1. Feed and water your dog at regular intervals throughout the day.
  2. Then take her to the litter box and help her step inside.
  3. Say a command word or phrase, like "go potty," to tell her to do her business.
  4. If you're training a puppy, she'll most likely eliminate 5 to 30 minutes after eating or drinking.
    If you're training an older dog, look for the signs that she needs to go — she may whine, pace, sniff around or walk to the door.
  5. When she successfully uses the litter box, offer lots of praise and a treat.
  6. If you catch her eliminating someplace else, take her to the box.
  7. As she begins to use the litter box on her own after a few months, keep up the praise as you decrease her dependence on treats.


Another Technique:

  1. Buy the needed materials such as a litter box ( you can use either a cat litter box or one specifically made for dogs) and dog litter. I recommend either Petco's Dog Litter or Purina's Second Nature dog litter. Both are made with newspaper put into pellet form and mixed in with absorbent material.

  2. Design the environment so that it is difficult for the dog to fail. Your dog wants to please you, and you can help him succeed. In this initial period, the dog should have only two location options: either with you, or a direct path to his bathroom area.

  3. Soak a small bit of the dog's urine in a paper towel or newspaper and put in his bathroom area. If your dog smells his feces or urine in his bathroom area, he will be more likely to use that area. Clean any "accident" areas to an extreme degree so the dog doesn't smell his feces/urine there [you probably don’t want to smell it either]

  4. Get the dog used to simply getting in and out of the box. This can be made into a fun experience for the dog. Simply lift and place the dog in the litter box and use a key phrase like "use the box". Praise him and be happy. After a few sessions, you will see progress.
    • For some dogs it make take from 2 days to 2 weeks. Remember, good things happen to those who wait!
    • It is best to litter train your dog while it is still young.
    • Send your dog to the litter box after everytime you play with them, (before and after) you walk them, and around 15/30mins after they eat.
    • If you catch the dog in the act of going in the wrong place, you need to "shock" the dog. A loud no, slapping your hands together, and sudden movement toward the dog should cause the dog to bolt. His destination must be his bathroom area. Once you and the dog are there, start praising the dog.
    • Litter box training a dog is best for small breeds under 35 pounds. (papillons, CKCS,Chihuahuas, beagles, yorkies, etc.)
    • Don't place the litter box near the food and water, as dogs will avoid pooping where they eat. If the dog poops where he eats, he may eat that as well, making him sick.
    • Don't use cat litter! Dogs don't bury their waste like cats do, stick to dog litter or shredded newspaper

For many many more Techniques:  GOOGLE “how to litter box train a dog” 


Check out my LINKS page for INFO....

NONE of the dog carseat harnesses MarketPlace tested
passed the crash test!
Click on link above to watch.


Sleepypod Clickit was chosen as the
2013 Top Performing harness brand

Following texted copied from:

To keep all vehicle passengers safe, pet harnesses must maintain the dog’s stability and restrain its movement. Additionally, a product that can help to stabilize the spine of the dog and limit rotation in the event of an accident will likely reduce the chance of injury of the dog in the case of an accident.

The Sleepypod Clickit Utility harness solves multiple functional performance issues identified in other harness brands.

Sleepypod Clickit Utility is the only harness brand that:

  • prevented the launch of the dog off of the seat for all 3 harness sizes tested.
  • substantially reduced rotation of the test dog during testing.
  • offers a 3 point connection, improving the overall functional behavior of the harness.

Additionally, the Sleepypod Clickit Utility design includes planned energy mitigation elements to help absorb energy from a crash and reduce the forces on the dog.




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