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NOVEMBER 2014 - v2i11

WELCOME to Tante Lori's Monthly Newsletter designed to talk about those questions that pop in our heads from time to time. This newsletter will aim to be brief, fun, informative, and interesting. I hope you find it useful and I welcome your comments and suggestions.

  • Pet of the Month - SQUISHY (Maltese Little Girl)
  • Would you like to see my clients in action? Now you can....check out these great videos!!!
  • Tips on how to get your pets ready for Winter
  • Fenced Dog Park in Aylmer OPEN!
  • Memorial for those we have lost

Squishy has joined my list of favorite pooches. I'm very picky about who gets into that club!
Every day when I arrive for her daily walk she greets me at the door with a wiggle and lots of energy -
ready for sniffing out the neighborhood.
Later when she's pooped out (literally.. haha) we cuddle on the park bench at the end before we head home.
Together we just watch the world go by breathing in the fresh air.

Then we arrive home and I write in a note or two for her Mommy.
Squishy sits on my lap and watches me scribble out my words in ink.

Now that it is winter, I take my coat off when I sit to write.
Squishy has recently decided that it's her duty to fluff up my coat during this time and
lay down into it -warming it before I head back out to the cold... ... she's so thoughtful!

They are fun to Watch - What do My Clients do Anyway ???



NOTE: This is just the beginning of the research that should be done for your pets.
Google it! It's easy and your pets will thank you for it.

Pond Fish

Yep.. even these pets need consideration.  Check out this great advice and instruction at : In the Country - Winterizing Your Pond by Josh Spece ( )

Excerpts: “If your pond is at least 3’ deep you can leave your plants and fish out all winter (place lilies in deepest area), but you will need some way for gas exchange to take place. NEVER BREAK ICE FORCIBLY!! Shock waves will stress the fish, injure their gills, and possibly kill them. Use hot water to melt a hole in the ice if necessary.
If you decide to remove your fish for the winter there are a few things you should remember…...” 

Reptile Pets

What is hibernation? How do I do it and for how long? These and other questions likely have popped into your head. If your reptile either needs or seems to want to hibernate, this overview is for you.

Do your research on the exact type of reptile you have!!! Do they hibernate or not? Hibernation is a normal process many reptiles go through. If your reptile wants or needs to hibernate, and it’s appropriate for the species to do so, then there are ways to do so safely and easily.As winter approaches you might notice your reptile changing its habits. If hibernation is normal for the species, it might be getting ready to hibernate.
Detailed info on how to prepare your reptile for hibernation at:
 ( )

Burrowing or Rodent Pets

  • Habitat Location
  • Increase the Level of Bedding
  • Re-evaluate the Nesting Materials and Containers

More details at

Pet Birds

  • Do your research on the type of birds you have and their specific needs. Many birds need your help adapting to the changing seasons.
  • Re-evaluate their Environment and Temperature

For details go to:


A WEALTH of information at:
all of what I say below are excerpts from there… PLEASE jump to their site for advice I think is excellent to consider.

As they say.. their fur is not enough to protect them from our northern winters.  Especially if they live in our homes most of their little lives.  We have to take into consideration that they are in most cases not built for harsh winters and are not accustomed to living in the ice, snow and freezing temperatures. 

I have a client that I walk everyday(Squishy).  The ice and snow hurts her paws and stops her from getting the exercise, fresh air, and neighborhood sniffing that she needs.  Today was the second day of her wearing snow boots (expensive ones- $45).  She now runs and enjoys her full walks again.  You may look at this little Maltese and with her pink sweater, pink coat and black boots and laugh… but she’s laughing louder cause she’s back out having fun again.

Some dogs ARE built for the snow.. lots of fur.. big feet with furry padded paws. But others are not and some just don’t know when it’s time to come in from the cold.  It’s up to us to make those decisions for them.  LOL


Another thing I learned from this site is that the salt and other chemicals that get dumped on the snow and ice in the winter (along with anti-freeze) can be very toxic to our dogs and even a LITTLE BIT is DEADLY to CATS. 

We need to be extra conscience of anti-freeze on the ground!

Two more things that stood out to me personally when I read this site were....

Cats outdoors will find anywhere warm to lay even if it’s near a car engine!  Bang on your car hood each time before you start your car.  You could save a life!

For stray cats, make a covered box with blankets for them if you can – details in the site.

Also… Do you Know the Signs of Hypothermia and Frostbite ????  Go to this same site for symptoms and instructions

Fenced Dog Park -

(Fraser & Aylmer Road - behind swimming pool facility)

Go To Aylmer Canine Club's Website for more info!!!


I wanted to say something on a solemn note.....

These past few months I've received news from family, friends, neighbors, and even ourselves of recent pet losses.

I am putting together a SMALL memorial page .. almost done... for those of you who want somewhere to place the memory of your loved one. I myself was going thru old files to look for photos for this newsletter and came across too many pics of our cat Buster who passed away a few months back (he was hit by a car and died instantly - we have been told). My heart aches each time I came across his photos. But I also found I was smiling.

Memories area strange that way.. make you feel bad and warm or happy at the same time!
What mystery love is.

The BEST place I have found for those who have lost their loyal pets and need comfort is at:


cherished by
us, Lori and Marc
(hit by car- died instantly)

cherished by
Maggie Weeks
(natural causes)

cherished by
Karen Alcorn
driver drove off)

cherished by
Francine and Entire Family!
(unforseen illness)


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