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JUNE / JUIN 2015 - v3i06

WELCOME to Tante Lori's Monthly Newsletter designed to talk about those questions that pop in our heads from time to time. This newsletter will aim to be brief, fun, informative, and interesting. I hope you find it useful and I welcome your comments and suggestions.

  • Pets of the Month - Archer and Lana
  • What IS a "........ doodle" dog anyway?
  • Can a clean house and our 4-legged kids co-exist?
  • Be Prepared for an Emergency - here's how


Siblings: ARCHER & LANA

ARCHER ( “ Mini Goldendoodle”)
LANA (“Mini Chocolate Laboradoodle”)

These two sweet kids have been my walking clients since the first of the year.

I've had the previlidge to watch Lana grow from an awkward puppy to her teenage months.

Archer is a year older than Lana and has been a wonderful big brother to his little sister.
I enjoy so much walking them each weekday and
living the world through their eyes, ears, and especially their wagging tails!

So what IS a "..... doodle" dog?

ARCHER  ( “ Mini Goldendoodle”)  and LANA (“Mini Chocolate Laboradoodle”) are  “Designer Dogs” or as some call them, “Designer Breeds”.  They are not true pure breeds of their own, but are crossbreeds.  Designer dog’s popularity has grown lightning fast in the last decade or so.

How did they get started?  People looking for the traits of a certain breed combined with the poodle make for healthier dogs and meet the particular results desired that cannot be found in one single purebred.

Most “doodle” designer dogs can be very easy to train, intelligent, friendly, affectionate,  great with families, may have little to no shedding, and are a good match for first-time or timid owners.  I’ve never heard or read of any complaints.   
As a matter of fact, these dogs like ARCHER and LANA (and a few others that I’ve been blessed enough to know) are just the nicest dogs I’ve ever met… loving, smart, and full of personality.

Why use the POODLE as the basis for the majority of these designer dogs?  They start with the poodle for many of the reasons listed below.  Then, depending on the results a persons is looking for in a dog, a breeder adds another purebred to the mix.


  • Three sizes to choose from: STANDARD  (large); MINIATURE  (medium); TOY (small)
  • High intelligence
  • Little to no shedding – great for most allergy sufferers.  However, if you mix a Poodle with a dog that does shed the Poodle mixes may in fact shed afterall if it inherited the shedding trait from the non-Poodle parent
  • Basic hardiness and overall good health

While these dogs are very popular and have great reputations, designer dogs are not a guarantee that all the puppies in a litter turn out the same

Each puppy will take on different traits of the characteristics of the two different purebred parents but which traits will they inherit from which?  Just because a puppy has one parent that's a Poodle doesn't mean that that the puppy will not shed. Look at all the Poodle hybrids and you'll see a variety of coat types as well as coat lengths.  That goes for any trait; genetics is too complex for a breeder to be able to state for sure what characteristics each designer dog will have.

CAUTION:  Now that designer dogs have become all the rage, breeders that are only interested in making the all-mighty dollar, will ignore the health and purity of the breeds used.  This could mean unhealthy puppies, puppies coming from puppy mills, and numerous expensive trips to the vet for the new owners.  It’s always best to do your research, visit, interview, and get references before adopting a puppy!

BELOW are some cool Poodle designer dogs............


Bossi Poo (Boston Terrier)


Pugapoo (pug)


Bernese Mountain Poo
(bernese mtn dog)

Chi Poo or Choodle

Pinny Poo (min pinscher)

Malt A Poo

Chinese Crestepoo
(chinese crested)


Can a clean house and our 4-legged kids Co-exist?

Here are quick TIPS to help.......

Even tho your kitty isn’t allowed on the kitchen table or counters when you are home – Nothing is stopping her from exploring the “forbidden zone” when the house is empty of human bosses.  So… ALWAYS wipe your counters, table, and cutting boards with a disinfectant or bleach solution before using and eating.  Also store your knives and other kitchen tools away or keep them covered

Keep kitty litter boxes away from kitchen and clean at least once a day.  Put in basement or corner of large bathroom, etc.

Keep doggy poop picked up in the yard – they don’t always care what they step in when they are playing on the grass or rolling in the dirt.  When they come back inside.. well.. it can be yucky.

BEDDING ours and theirs: 
Dogs and cats carry around a lot of dust, dirt, and etc. in their fur and paws.  You may want to wash yours and their beddings frequently.. ahem.

Keep your clothes put away in drawers and closets.  Cats and small dogs LOVE laundry baskets full of folded clean clothes – they make perfect beds!

Some people (I’ve read) actually will change the colors of their clothesto deal with heavy fur problems. For example, if they have a pet with light colored fur – they will rarely wear black… LOL

Tape rollers – store bought or homemade to remove fur and hair from clothes.

Carpets – vacuum vacuum vacuum – Not much more to say. 

Hard Surface floors - I myself lay down bathroom rugs (large and small) throughout the house – each room has it’s own color and matches the décor.  These are great for keeping the floor clean.  Besides the usual sweeping and mopping on hard surface floors, I wash these handy rugs in the washing machine.  They are very washable and don’t slide on the floor.  They also protect the floor from getting scratched by our pooches' hard nails.

FURNITURE: Use slip covers on the  furniture wheneverpossible.  You can do this and still have a nice look in your room.  I use material made for outdoor furniture and sew it like a pillowcase. Then I just slip the cushion inside, fold over the open end and put it back on my couch. You can slip them off and wash whenever needed.  Any fabric will do but keep in mind it needs to be a hardy fabric to endure the abuse we all impose on our furniture.

MORE loose fur solutions:
Groom and/or brush your pet often
to capture that loose fur and put those troublesome little fibers in the garbage! 

Rubber is a great tool (this one my hubby uses on our rugs). Run the bottom of your tennis shoe while wearing them -or not – on the rugs and furniture. The rubber catches the fur and rolls it up so you can grab it and dump it. Rubber kitchen gloves are also effective but not as much fun!

These are just a FEW ideas.  Again.. you can GOOGLE- IT for more ideas on the internet. 
So many many creative people out there willng to share their brilliant ideas!

If YOU have an idea or solution that can help – EMAIL me
I’ll add it to my next newsletter.
(confidentially if you want or with your pet’s name and photo proudly displayed)

Happy Cleaning! 


Do you have an "EMERGENCY DISASTER KIT" at home for you and your family?

What about a first aid kit? Do you include items for your pets in these kits?

This kind of preparedness usually doesn't cross our minds ...
... until something bad happens and we need help during severe weather conditions or other disasters.

Here is a quick list of things to include for your pets
when you put together an emergency disaster kit for your home and/or car.

(airtight waterproof containers)

water for at least 2 weeks for each pet




pet carrier

kitty litter and box

plastic bags for poop

leash, collar, muzzle

pet shampoo

first aid supplies and instructions

vet records with vet contact info

current prescribed meds
& pharmacy contact for refills

arrangements for boarding your pet


I have created Rescue Alert Stickers for your window
(in French and English)

Removable sticker attaches to inside of your window and faces outward.
Tape on the back of it Pet PHOTOS with the NAME of each pet.

I'll send one to you for FREE
(just give me a call or drop me an email)

There are many many websites out there with instructions for not only to keep your pets safe but also your entire family.

Just GOOGLE it :-)

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