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What do We Offer that Keeps Clients Coming Back?

What is a Typical Day Like? ~ Contact & Location

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What Sets Us Apart from the Rest?

Many don't realize that that there are options to caging your dog in small kennel while you are away on vacation. One of these options is Tante Lori when 30-60 minute pet sitting visits to your home are not enough. I bring many years of successful experience (read more of my history) to the care of pets.

Our clients, your dog(s), reside with us and have the same freedoms and attention as our own pets. They have free access to the entire house, yard, and our hearts. Each client becomes a normal part of our lives here at Tante Lori's and are rarely left alone. We take an average maximum of 3 dogs at a time so there is always plenty of love and attention to go around.

Some dogs enjoy the smells, sounds, and sun or snow in the backyard. Others may enjoy snuggling on a couch or keeping guard at the front window. Your dog may want to sit on a lap or simply be by someone’s side all day.  Most dogs just need other dogs to chat with.  At Tante Lori's they get all that and more.   Also, keep in mind that dogs are most at ease when there is structure in their lives so we keep to a simple routine each day to relieve stress and separation anxiety.

Mixing of Pets: Once decided, rather quickly I might add, all of the pets find their places in the current pack and relax. Some become friends and others just go off and do their own thing. Some like to cuddle with other pets and others like a calm quiet place to themselves. We allow all dogs in their own individual ways, to find their place.


What do we Offer that keeps clients coming back?

  • Enclosed side yard (10’ by 50’ with 5' high fence), full deck out back, and entire house to feel at home in.
  • No extra charges for companionship with other dogs, or physical exercise in the yard anytime of the day.
  • Many comfort zones like couches, open crates, dog beds, cool kitchen floor, lawn chairs, rugs, bench at the front window, and of course laps.
  • Safety considerations like double entry front door, first-aid kit, easy access vet information, etc.
  • Daily reports sent via email or phone with candid photos of your pet taken throughout the day.
  • No closed cages except for bedtime and feeding if necessary.
  • 24x7 service. Our basic hours are 7am-7pm however; we are willing to work with your schedule. And we can always be reached.
  • Puppies accepted. We are able to watch puppies under 6 months old if shots are up to date..
  • Minor basic training (heel, sit, stay, down) for a minor fee.
  • Referral Bonus of $15 for each client you refer to us and they use our service
  • Keep in touch with clients via Newsletters, relavant dog related notices, etc.
  • Dynamic Website with useful doggy information and links added all the time
  • Pet of the Month
  • ….. and more and more added all the time!

Your Dog IS is important!

That's why I send
each night so you can see how
"Fido" and "Fifi" are doing!


Felix chasing falling leaves!


What is a typical day like?

Depending on when the first dog wakes up, we ALL go out to pee and poo.  A small treat is the reward as they come back in and we try to take a nap for another hour or two.

8:00am or so
Pee break out back and then breakfast

8:30am to 1:00pm
Half-hour after breakfast we all relax to let food settle then it’s play, sunbathe, cuddle,  watch out windows, etc ., etc… you know … doggy stuff. It's my time for coffee and newspaper.

1:00pm – 3:00pm
Naptime for everyone.  This is a natural habit for dogs of which I reinforce.  It’s good for their health and good for me too LOL.  I bring everyone inside, each dog picks their favorite place and it’s snooze time for up to 2 hours.

3:00pm to 5:00pm
Flexible… more pee breaks, play, guard duty, and whatever else they want to do

5:00pm or so
Dinner !!!   Then rest for half an hour

6:00pm till 9:00pm
Play, pee time, more fresh air, cuddles,… well you get the idea.

I write my daily reports to parents as dogs settle down and already are getting heavy eyelids… sleepy time is here

Bedtime – Good night







Playroom Open Again soon

Good Morning - All rise and shine

Morning stretch


Coffee and Newspaper

Watering the plants!

Thunderstorm- finding comfort in my lap!

Window Watching- Popular Pastime here

Daily reports often are "supervised"






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